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Courses Offered

Python Explorer

Students learn python programming language by learning the syntax and writing programs to solve mathematical problems and real life problems using python programs.

Python Deep Dive

Students learn python programming language by learning the syntax and writing programs to solve real life problems using python programs with advanced concepts of data structures and loops.

Python Pro

Students learn advanced concepts of Python programming language by learning object oriented programming , custom functions, file handling and commonly used inbuilt libraries. At the end of the course students solve real world problems to show case their programming skills.

Artificial Intellegence

We are living in AI world and AI and programming is the basic skill needed in Industry 4.0 era. This course helps students learn about basics of AI and excite them about the possibilities of the future.

Web Development

Learn HTML programming , simple styling and different types of web page design using html tags. Students create real life example based rich html pages with embedded images, videos, dropdown, rich text field, forms to accept user input.

Game Development

Game development is considered as a playground for creative minds, as it requires consistent innovation and original, interesting content. Learn how to make simple games, stories and animations using Python programming and PyGame.

Mars Colonization

Earth is not the limit for the explorers. With projects such as Artemis by NASA, Mission Mars by SpaceX, Mission Mangalyaan by ISRO, Emirates Mars Mission by UAE, and more, we humans are aiming to sustain beyond our Earth’s sphere of influence. At Givemefive.ai we provide you the expertise to build end-to-end colonization suitable for Mars as well as showcase your creativity and knowledge to the World.

Flight Science

Flights are most fascinating for any kid. It's a topic with loads of fun and is totally hands-on. Kids all over the world enjoy the flight science principles, facts and quizzes filled course. There will be short but fun quizzes at the end of each course.

Rocket Science

All the complicated things in the world are compared to “Rocket Science”, why? Because there is a notion that nothing in this world can be as difficult as “Rocket-Science”. Really!! Is that so? Nothing is impossible beyond your passion and determination to learn. In this course we sincerely make an attempt to quench the thirst of your kids to know about “Rocket Science” in a most easy and fascinating way. In this course you learn everything on Rockets right from scratch till where India stands now in launching Rockets.

Space Science

Space is always fascinating!. But studying anything about Space is not really easy, as it has many complicated, unknown, unseen, unimaginable events and mystifying mysteries. In this Space-Science course we provide a thorough knowledge of what does the space consist of, and how do we get to them. Along with that we will answer many more curious questions from you!. We make an attempt to make sure that the knowledge gained is 100% yet in a most simple and interesting way!

Humans in Space

What to expect: One of the most mesmerizing achievements by man is to send humans to space. With ISRO aiming to make Gaganyaan, we bet you don’t want to miss the following details. This topic will give students an idea about how it all began, why did they fail and how did they overcome, what activities are done by humans in space, how do they come back to the Earth, what is the space environment like? What are the dangers? How are they protected from those?


The moment we hear UNIVERSE, it MESMERIZES us! It is something that has never been easy to understand due to the fact that it is far beyond our imagination. But given a chance to learn and get expertise on some of the most curious questions ever about Universe like: – ‘How did it all began?’ What does it consist of? What exactly is a black hole? What is the cause for existence of life on Earth? How are the scientists able to detect the stars which are at the distance of billions of light years from Earth? Sounds fancy? But it is all happening in real; would you miss the chance? Never right! Then get a deeper insight by mastering about big bang theory, stellar evolution, explore the unexplored planets, asteroids etc in a most exciting way.

Our Team

Dr Jyotish Kumar
Dr.Jyothish Kumar, a medical doctor by profession is the Managing Director of OUR College Pvt. Ltd. established in 1953 in India, and CMD of OUR International Group Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Kumar always had a great passion for education and has been in the field of education for quite a long period.

Dr. Girish Chandran
Dr. Girish Chandran is the Chairman and director of various institutions in G.C.C & India. As an acclaimed multilingual columnist, orator, and trainer, Girish Chandran is an educationalist with very creative thoughts. Girish Chandran is working hard to establish a globally, competent Indian Education system. He has visited and participated in various educational programs in India, G.C.C, U.K, U.S.A, China, Russia, Egypt, Africa, Thailand, Malaysia.

Mr. Shashi Kiran
Mr. Shashi Kiran has 21+ years of experience in Information technology & has successfully led large teams in building & deploying enterprise applications for various industries including European banks, CRM solutions, innovating ed-tech products & implementing AI driven products. Mr. Shashi Kiran has a keen interest in education and is now working on imparting IR 4.0 era skills to young minds.

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